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Socially Distanced and Styling

Finding comfortable and fashionable athleisure options for your new at-home routines.

I am not the first to tell you it is a crazy time. In the presence of a global pandemic, we’re all adapting to a new world, changed routines and an altered way of life. What we need more than ever is a little comfort. And while we’re all at home, working from our couches, hosting virtual hangouts and exercising in our living rooms, why shouldn’t we enjoy what we’re lounging in? I, for one, haven’t touched a pair of jeans in weeks. My passion for active and athleisure wear is finally paying off, as I’ve been rotating daily through my extensive collection of leggings, joggers and sweats. To be honest, I wear these items out of the house with pride all the time, but they’ve never had more use than during these past couple months. I am using this first post to share some of my favorite items and brands to show how fun and fashionable comfort can be.

My favorite picks

Aviator Nation – I was first introduced to this brand when my roommate’s super

cool cousin from L.A. gifted her sweatpants and a hoodie for her birthday. Their branding is 1970s surfer chic, with bright accents and simple graphic logos. Sweats from this company are some of the most comfortable I’ve ever owned. And they stay that way even after you wash them, never losing that first-wear interior softness. Here I am wearing:

Top: Rainbow Stitch Sleeve Crew Sweatshirt (Unisex) priced @ $178

Bottom: Rainbow Stitch Sweatpants (Women’s) priced @ $156

Some items are unisex, and I usually buy my normal size in those items. Their women’s items run small, so I size up.

Electric & Rose – Created in the iconic Venice Beach neighborhood, this brand

has a wealth of good vibes. Branding with the hashtag #time2live, Electric & Rose is all about living in the moment, and their clothes reflect that. My favorite looks are their tie-dye patterns and cropped sweatshirts. Sweats and leggings from this company are a combination of soft and structured. And when I’m not lounging, their Grayson Crop top is my favorite for cycling. Here’s what I’m wearing:

Top: Ronan Pullover – priced @ $154

This sweatshirt is currently sold out, but check out the Neil Sweatshirt for a similar vibe. I find that E&R’s styles run true to size.

On a side note, the bottoms here are joggers from Athleta. This pair is older, called the Flux Street Jogger, and is my favorite pair of around-town/dog-walking pants. They’re light and comfortable and they come with pockets for dog essentials. Check out all of their jogger styles because there are many great options.

Eberjey – Probably most seen all over your Instagram and Facebook ads, this company is popular

for their PJ sets, which are amazing if you’re into PJ sets. For a lighter and warmer weather set of loungewear, I love the option I have featured here. It has a light cotton feel and wide paneled sleeves for a unique look and shape. The tie closures on the pants and shirt add a little fun flair and also help to adjust the fit. Here’s what I’m in:

Top: Heather Cotton Blend Slouchy Top – priced @ $69

Bottom: Heather Cotton Blend Cropped Pant – priced @ $69

I find that the styles run true to size.

Wrap-up and wrap-in a new style

So there you have it! I hope this inspires you to find new brands and styles you love while staying content at home. While this pandemic won’t last forever, my hope is that we can use this time to develop the comfort and self-love we will always thrive on. Stay cozy and safe.

Have other athleisure brands you love? Share in the comments below!

***Please note that all of these opinions are my own, as well as these purchases. These are not sponsored or gifted items, just a few brands I personally love.

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