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Words of empowerment to help combat negative thinking and create forward progress.

Love and positivity—two mentalities we can all adopt when we need to heal. In a time when the world is in disarray, embodying these mindsets has never been more important. For me, maintaining feelings of love and positivity can be challenging when I feel stressed, overwhelmed or sad. When I’ve got lots going on and no roadmap for how to solve problems I face, I sometimes get despondent and frustrated—leading me to become stuck and unmotivated to progress forward.

I noticed these issues quite a few years ago and the negative impact they had on my progress toward creating the life I wanted. I decided to look into tools to help combat negativity, embrace self-love and help jumpstart me out of these feelings of disarray. Some of the tools I tried included meditation, daily affirmations and journaling. While these all help, and I still try to do them regularly, one tool stood out above the rest. I’m a visual person and so to honor that, I've posted quotes around my house that I can view everyday. These quotes inspire empowerment, courage and love. Seeing them everyday and physically having them around reminds me of the path I’m on and the journey I want to continue to live a positive, loving and present life. Here are the quotes I love. I turn to them in times of hurt and need for healing. I hope you find comfort in them as well.

In addition to gaining strength through words from others, these quotes inspired me to create my own tagline. As you may have seen in my bio, I created a quote that inspires how I live my life—“Share your essence. Shine in your individuality. Above all, Love yourself.” This tagline guides me on how I strive to live my life.

Here is how I view it:

  • Share your essence—give to others what makes you genuinely you. We each have strengths, values and beliefs that make up our essence. By sharing what is entirely our nature with others, we give them the gift of authenticity and truth. By sharing your essence, you can empower others to embrace their own paths.

  • Shine in your individuality—be the individual you were meant to be. By owning our individuality, we give ourselves permission to be leaders. We also own what makes us unique, and those characteristics are powerful and important. Who we are as individuals is who we present to the world. The more genuine we can be, the more others will learn to respect and honor our truths.

  • Love yourself—the most important value I live by, loving yourself is essential. To truly own your individuality, and share your spirit, you must love all the parts that make you who you are. Self-love is hard. It’s easier to foster doubts. But in learning to love all parts of yourself, body, mind, behaviors and emotions, you can let go of the doubts and live your truth. In loving yourself, your energy will attract the love and positivity others can bring to support you as well.

I hope you find guidance in these quotes and my own personal tagline. Perhaps these will inspire you to create your own motto to live by. If you have other quotes you love that embrace positivity and love, please share them below!


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