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As a spin instructor, I’m always looking for new music to fuel my classes. I teach choreographed, beat-based, indoor cycling rides and music selection is a key component for creating fun and inspiring classes. I get to channel my creativity as an instructor by designing playlists and creating class flows that build stamina and strength in my riders.

While I’m constantly seeking out music that’s a great fit for spin, I also like to spend downtime listening to a variety of genres and songs I consider “not-for-spin.” Sometimes I just need a break from the heavy beat drops and motivational hits! Whenever someone asks me what my favorite kind of music is, I don’t really have an answer because I enjoy all types from jazz to hip-hop to folk and everything in-between. Some of my favorite downtime genres include soul and alternative.

I wanted to share a few playlists I’ve created that I love to jam out to, whether I’m exercising or just enjoying the moment. I like to seek out new artists and unique sounds and pull them together to create playlists that inspire me. I hope you’ll find something new that you love on these soundtracks.

Favorite Spin Songs

These tracks are my all time favorites to teach and spin to. When I’m looking for a good spin song, I try to find music that makes me feel something—songs I connect to that draw out my inner emotions. I pull from lots of genres, but primarily EDM, alternative, pop and hip-hop. Some of my favorite artists to browse when I’m looking for spin songs are Bassnector, Vanic, ODESZA and Thoreau.

Just Freakin’ Run

I’d like to preface this by saying I’m not a big runner. In fact, after I shattered my ankle, I turned to spin because I couldn’t run for many years. Now that I’m able to run again, I do it as a simple way to stay fit, but it’s still not my favorite activity. To fuel my runs, I need songs that amp me up and encourage me to vary my speed (or at least run faster than a snail’s pace). So that being said, here are my pump-up jams for running.

Alternative Jams

I have always loved alternative music and I incorporate it into most of my playlists. But here I broke out some of my top alternative songs from over the years. While this playlist features some more prominent artists, like Cold War Kids and Hozier, there are also some lesser-known artists I love on here. Bands like JR JR, Boy & Bear and Foals have long been favorites of mine, and if you like this playlist, I encourage you to check out their other hits. Ásgeir is another favorite, an Icelandic artist I first learned of when studying abroad in London. This playlist is great for driving!

Soul Fuel

There’s something about soul music that makes me want to dance. I love this playlist for when I’m cooking, hanging with friends or just want to move. Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations—all contribute to a genre of music that just makes me feel good. If you like this playlist, go see the Chicken Slacks at Cantab in Boston on Thursday nights—once it’s safe to be out and about again, of course.

Chill Vibes

For times when you just need a moment, this playlist has you covered. I listen to this one when I want to unwind or just sit with my thoughts. This is another great playlist for driving. I frequently use these songs as a background to my yoga and stretching practices or as recovery songs in my spin classes.

Enjoy these playlists and any others you find on my profile! I’m on Spotify @lchuber14. Have other artists and songs you love? Share them below!


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