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At the Start of Change

The beginning of my journey to become a creator of change for racial justice.

It’s a dark time in the world right now—has been for a while. Last week I posted about mental health, but this week I’ve struggled in that realm. I’ve been overwhelmed with a confusing mix of sadness, frustration and empathy. The events surrounding George Floyd’s death and the societal response to the systemic racial injustice problem we have in this country have been profound, and it’s all I can think about. I can’t claim to be an expert on how to remedy the situation or what to do as a privileged white female wanting to support the cause because in truth, I have not previously done enough, if anything, to combat the issue. But what I can do now is the work to help be a creator of change.

Where I am starting is to make a conscious effort to educate myself on ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement, take steps to actively contribute to change, and create positivity and love in a time when we all need it. I am sharing some resources and ideas I’ve started to compile to support the movement and combat racial injustice based on what I’ve learned this week. I’m fully aware that this list is not exhaustive, nor is it anywhere near complete because this is just the beginning. Any additional information you have to share, I fully welcome in the comments. We can learn from each other how best to support one another. Let’s keep this conversation going.

A few ways to start to create change


Seek out authors, artists, filmmakers, journalists and read the content they are already producing. In doing so, you support a community of creative black individuals and can learn about cultural experiences different from your own. This article by Emily Henderson provides a great list of content including movies, art, podcasts and more that are created by and feature black artists. A couple of my favorite shows are Black-ish and Insecure. And here is Oprah’s list of the best books by black authors. Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams is on my list to read next.


Use your social media platforms to follow people that are not white. Take this opportunity to look through who you follow and realize how many of them are a different race from you. I’m guessing it is a smaller percentage—I know it is for me. So I’m making an active effort to follow a more diverse population. Some of the accounts I recently started following on Instagram are @mspackyetti, cofounder of Campaign Zero, @rachel.cargle, public activist and academic, @ihartericka, racial, gender and social justice disruptor.


Donating money to organizations is a great way to support groups that are unified in creating change. Even if it is just a small amount, any effort helps. There are many organizations out there, but some I’ve researched as great options are NAACP, Color of Change, Campaign Zero and Kwanda. I welcome your comments on other organization you recommend supporting as well.

Continuing forward momentum

These ideas, suggestions and recommendations barely scratch the surface of what we can and need to do. It’s a process, and one I’m just beginning. It will take continual work to combat racial injustice long after the buzz on social media has died down and the news cycle has shifted. I’m committed to continuing to educate myself, create change in this country and ultimately support the black community—all from a place of love and positivity. In starting this blog, I have the opportunity to share my voice and opinions—and I would be remiss to not do so on this topic. Even though I may never be an expert on racial inequality, I may make mistakes, I may not write my thoughts perfectly, if this post brings any awareness of where to begin the journey to support black lives, I hope you can use it. Please share any other information or recommendations in the comments. Together, if we put in the work and the effort, we can create change.


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